Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life


Other blogs sites to check out

Here are some other conversations going on online that you may be interested in:

  • One website I’m finding very refreshing and good is deepandwide.ning.com. This is a place for conversations growing out of the denominations efforts to help the church grow – deep and wide.
  • The new denominational website focused on sharing resources and stories about church transformation, redevelopment and new church development:www.presbygrow.net/.
  • Another really good resource for anyone interested in what is happening in the church is www.mod.reyes-chow.com/. Bruce Reyes-Chow, the Moderator of the General Assembly, is the most accessible moderator we have ever had. He blogs regularly and sends out regular emails sharing what he is seeing and hearing around the church. And he always welcomes feedback. Even though he is from the more liberal end of the spectrum of the denomination, he has made it a point to attend gatherings of groups that span the theological spectrum, the right, left, and everything in between, with the simple goal of listening, learning, understanding, and conversing. He regularly shares what he is hearing thru his emails. I highly encourage everyone to check out his website and subscribe to his blog (you’ll see the subscription box in the upper right corner of the page), and feel free to email Bruce with your questions, thoughts and comments.

There’s lots of good conversations going on on the internet. Check it out! And then be a part of the conversation!!! And if you know of others, post them here so the rest of us can check them out.

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