Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

What Happens

What does Spiritual Life Coaching look like?

It can look different for every person, depending on your own goals for seeking coaching or guidance.

Usually we meet for an hour – in person, by phone, or skype, and we focus our time on your concerns, issues, and goals.  Sometimes I being our time with a guided meditation or a reading for reflection, sometimes we just jump right into whatever is on your mind.  It all depends on what you find most helpful.  I bring my experience and training to ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts or goals and to bring out your own deeper wisdom.  Sometimes I suggest resources and practices you may find helpful.  Each session is geared specifically for you.

My role is to do the following:

To help you wrestle with your questions and goals
To offer tools and ask questions to help you on your path
To challenge you to take risks in response to your questions
To offer different perspectives on your journey
To invite you to discover what the divine Other is doing in your life
To help you develop practices that will deepen your spiritual core and help you live out of that core
To pray for you

What you can expect from me is this:

  • Path in the woodsTime spent to fully understand your goals.  Our first session is free. This is your chance to get to know me and my style of coaching and for me to know you and understand your goals.  If you aren’t sure what your goals are, that’s ok.  Sometime they crystalize as we converse.
  • Regular sessions, often one-hour sessions once or  twice a month.
  • Accountability for your goals.
  • Challenges and opportunities for growth.  Yes, I will probably challenge you a bit – but you decide how much you want.
  • Suggestions for spiritual practices and exercises, both for our sessions and between sessions.
  • 100% confidentiality.  You can trust that what you share will be held in strict confidence.

For you to get the most out of this opportunity, it is helpful for you:

  • To be open to trying new spiritual practices and exercises (for example:  prayer, meditation, lectio divina, awareness exercises, journaling)
  • To take time between our sessions to do your own reflection on your spiritual path
  • To think about your goals and priorities and to reflect on them in the context of your personal goals.

Is this like therapy?

No, it is different than therapy.  In therapy, one often comes with a problem to work through, or to overcome challenges of our past.  Spiritual life coaching, or spiritual direction, is about discovering what God, or the divine Other, is doing in our lives, nurturing that connection, and seeking to live deep, authentic, spiritual lives.  At times we may touch on past issues or current challenges, but this is not psychological counseling.  We are dealing primarily with the spiritual core of life and then how it impacts and plays out in the other areas of our life, so that you can have balance, fulness, and purpose in living your life.

If you are interested in setting up an introductory session, click here.

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