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Time with God

I often tell people who want a deeper relationship with God to treat God like a friend.  If I have a friend, and want to grow closer to that friend, there is one thing above all else that will deepen that friendship:  time.  As I think of all my close friendships, the one thing they all have in common is that we spend time together.  Some of my friends are close, and we get together for lunch, we go to the science museum, we watch movies, we laugh together, we talk about what is important, we talk about what isn’t important.  Many of my friends live far away, but we still talk, email, and get together for the occasional visit.  Above all else, we spend time with each other, in one way or another.  When I don’t make that effort to spend time with a friend, I do not find that “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” as the saying goes.  I find that absence makes the heart forgetful.  (more…)