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Spirit – Daily Meditation

The last gift of the wise men was myrrh, an oil used for healing and for releasing the spirit so that the fullness of its being can emerge.  I look at my dog, Jas, and I see a wonderful spirit that is trapped inside a blanket of fear.  For whatever reason, Jas lives much of her life looking for the next thing to be afraid of.  We work hard to overcome that, and it brings a smile to my face to see her in those moments when she has forgotten her fear and is joyfully living life it’s fullness, running, jumping, playing, and dancing in the presence of her favorite toy, or her favorite person.  The reality is, though, that in spite of those moments, there will always be something of that fear within her.  In spite of that, my goal is to help heal that fear to the very best of my ability, so that her spirit can be set free, so that she can fully and completely live a joyful life.

Many, if not all of us, have something within us that keeps us from living life to its full and joyfully entering every moment of this life that is given to us.  I can put many names to that “thing” – a sense of worthlessness, a fear of what others might think of us, afraid of appearing, weak, vulnerable, of being laughed at, and the list could go on.  Whatever the source, no one goes through this life without receiving wounds and hurts.  As long as those wounds remain unhealed, they will keep us from fully living the life we were created to live.  They will be a blanket that traps our spirits and keeps us from fully engaging and living the life we were created for.

Healing is possible.  Animals have a wonderful ability to help healing happen.  Somehow they are able to help provide the “space” that is needed for healing to happen, and the love that we need to trust in a healing power.  Good friends and compansionship has the ability to help healing happen – when we connect with others, we open a conduit to God.  I invite you to reflect on the wounds you carry, and the healing you wish for.

  • Sometimes we describe our wounds as a void or a longing to be filled, sometimes we recall specific events or relationships in which we were wounded, but we may not fully grasp how deeply they affected us.  I invite you to call to mind, in words or images, the wounds you carry.
  • Image that you are gently cradling those wounds in your hands.
  • You may wish to hold them out as an offering and a prayer, perhaps with words, or perhaps in silence, knowing that God also hears the prayers we have no words for.
  • There is no need to ask for anything specific, simply ask God to surround them and you with love.