Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life


One thing that has been a constant, Sue listens…

I have the pleasure of knowing Sue as a friend, colleague, and now as my Spiritual Director.  No matter how we are conversing there is one thing that has been a constant, Sue listens.  This is for the reason that among her many talents and gifts is the gift of presence.  She has helped me numerous times as issues or concerns were being processed, offering encouragement, insights, and support.

Stan, Arizona

I found myself lost on the journey of my life…

Each crossroads I came to just seemed to be another roadblock. Each path I took was not my path it was the path everyone else thought I should take. My whole life thus far had been a maze of struggle, confusion and dead ends. I was told what to believe and to a certain way, by those who treated me the opposite. I wasn’t allowed to ask questions, so in turn I had no faith. It wasn’t until I met Sue, that I began to see my true self. Sue has helped me through some tough times in my life and with her help, I am more in tune with my inner self and my internal map is now guiding me on my journey through life. I am no longer walking on someone else’s path. I am making my own paths and working toward peace with every step. I have learned that life is a journey and it is OK to stop and ask for directions once in a while. But most importantly, Sue has taught me to breathe. In the darkest steps of my journey, when I remember to breathe, even the smallest flicker of light will guide me through.

Joni, Illinois

My path has changed greatly since meeting Sue…

I have been through years of psychological therapy trying to regain what had been taken from me long ago.  Although psychological counseling gave me great insight and ability, it did not, and could not, heal the damage that had been done to my soul.  After years of counseling I still felt empty.  I was still missing the sense of inner peace and the purity of joy that I so desperately wanted to feel and express in my life.  Through many years of searching I finally realized that spiritual guidance was what I needed if I was to find the sense of wholeness that I was missing.  As I had walked away from the church long ago, I was left wanting but not knowing where to seek.  I wandered on my own for many years, content in my beliefs but still feeling empty.  Then I meet Sue, a true gift from God, I am sure.  Sue listens with a sincere and caring openness of mind and of heart.  Non-judgmental, she accepts who I am and where I have been in my life.  Sue guides with a gentleness that opens up new possibilities, motivates and connects.  My path has changed greatly since meeting Sue.  It has become much more focused, more determined and more fulfilling with a richness that gives me strength and desire.  My soul is healing and becoming whole.  I am connected and continuously filling with the peace and joy that I know belongs to us all.

It is obvious to me that being a Spiritual Life Coach is more than Sue’s passion, it is her gift!  It is a very special gift that she shares with others who are seeking and looking to grow in their own spirituality.  It is her path, one that will guide many others on in finding  their own.

  Linda, Minnesota

Sue has taught me to apply spiritual principles…

Being a pastor can be a challenging vocation, at times its demands can put a pastor in a position where faith ebbs and a sense of loneliness overwhelms the spirit. Like Elijah, it sometimes feels as if there’s no other believer left in the world. That’s when a pastor needs an advisor/coach/spiritual director who understands the strange and particular nuances of professional ministry.

I was fortunate to meet Sue at the beginning of my ministry, when the learning curve was high!  Sue’s guidance and coaching has helped me to navigate some very difficult challenges. I find Sue to be extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects, and she is able and willing to share her knowledge, experience, and wisdom with others.  Sue is open and approachable. Sue has taught me to apply spiritual principles to the everyday workings of a religious organization, which constantly amazes me, because at times it seems to me as if organizations and faith are polar opposites! Yet Sue is able to offer guidance to help me to work to merge the two.

In the personal, spiritual realm, with Sue’s company upon the journey, I have been able clarify my call to ministry; I know, in spite of the challenges, that God has called me to ministry. Sue radiates a peace and assurance that witnesses to her faith–it’s contagious. Sue has helped me to navigate my first years of ministry and to come through them a stronger individual, a better pastor, and most importantly, with my faith in God intact! Because of the benefits I’ve received from Sue’s coaching and spiritual direction, I heartily recommend Sue to you as a spiritual life coach.

Barb, Minnesota

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