Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

For the Wounded

There are many people who call themselves “spiritual but not religious,” people who have a deep spiritual life who want to nurture that, but when they hear “church” or “organized religion,” they want to run the other way.  Maybe you identify with that group.  There are many reasons that someone is not attracted to or connected with an organized religion.  For some, it is because in one way or another they have been wounded by organized religion.

  • Some have had a hard and wrathful image of God presented to them as children or young adults, and that does not fit their belief in a loving God.
  • Some have experienced some form of abuse, where leaders either looked the other way or were perpetrators of that abuse.
  • Some have felt judged and isolated because they had questions and doubts, and they found organized religion was not a safe place to have questions or doubts.
  • Some have felt unwelcome or unaccepted, because of their lifestyle, sexual orientation, work, or any number of other reasons.
  • Some people may be looking for spiritual direction, or a spiritual life coach, but may have some hesitation about working with someone who is an ordained minister in the church.

I do not work with people because I want to make them church members.  I am a spiritual life coach because I want people to connect with their spiritual side and to live full, authentic, joyful lives, that infuses every aspect of their lives.  For each of us to live the fullest, most authentic life possible, we need to connect with God, with the One who is over all.  But what language you use to speak of that One, or even if you are not sure that there is a “God,” is ok.  You do not have to use my language, or walk my path.  It is through the Christian tradition that I am nurtured by a community and live out my faith.  My belief in God, who is above all, is the foundation of my life.  I do not, however, want to dictate what you have to believe, what path you follow, or with what community you connect.

I honor you with all your experiences, and whatever faith tradition nurtures you, if any.  I accept you as you are, with all your uniqueness and with all your wounds.  I honor your goals and your questions.  Each of you is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.   It would be an honor to walk with you for a season down your spiritual path and to help you live the life you most want to live.

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