Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

My Purpose

Several years ago I attended a retreat where I drafted a personal mission statement.  This wasn’t about what I wanted to accomplish in the world.  It was about who I wanted to be in the world.  Some people might call this a statement of my core values.  Over the years I have refined it and changed it, and it continues to be a guide for my life.  This is a purpose worthy of who I am.  It shapes my life and my work.

~ Rooted in God
  • Seeking to be aware of the divine Other’s deep and abiding presence at all times and in everything
  • Daily practice of those disciplines that will strengthen my relationship with the divine Other
  • Drawing strength and stillness from the divine Other every day
  • Being in the divine Other and letting that be enough
~ Open to Grace
  • Always aware of and thankful for what the divine Other has done and is doing in my life
  • Always open to receive, without judgment and with thanks, whoever crosses my path
  • Willing to forgive and to be forgiven
  • Ready to reach out to those in need
  • Open to grace-filled moments
~ Filled with Joy
  • Fully engaged in the present moment
  • Fully available to whatever is offered at every moment through the divine Other and others present
  • Fully available and open myself, all that I am, both to the divine Other and to whoever is present
~ Having the Heart and Hands of the Healer
  • Bringing the healing presence of the divine Other into every encounter
  • Modeling in my own life the desire of the divine Other for all of life to experience reconciliation and healing of brokenness
  • Seeking to foster health and wholeness in all whom I meet

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