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Thoughts to Ponder …

from March 24, 2008
Thoughts to Ponder…

Look at your church – the building, the newsletter, the bulletin, anything that an outsider might see. Even the interactions among members.

What message does all of that send to someone who is not part of your congregation?

BULLETIN: Do you have to have the words to any prayers or songs memorized to participate? Do the announcements make sense to someone who is not already involved?

NEWSLETTER: Take it to someone who is not part of any church and ask them to critique it for you.

BUILDING: Do you have to know which door most people use? Are there signs to point the way to restrooms or nurseries? When you walk up to the building is it inviting or more like a fortress?

BEHAVIOR: When non-church people see members in the community, do they see you acting in a way that reflects the best of our faith? Or do they see you treating someone unkindly? Are you generous and helpful in the community?

We communicate even when we aren’t aware of it!

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