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Thoughts to Ponder …

from November 11, 2007
Thoughts to Ponder…

Leadership doesn’t happen by accident. If we want to be the best leaders we can be for the changing church, then we need to approach the task with intentionality.

What steps, specifically, will you take to help your church discover it’s new identity as the mission of God in and for the world?
• Will you work with the session and study articles and books about what it means to be a missional church?
• Will you weave the mission church identity into your sermons or teaching – not just once in a while, but every time?
• Will you personally identify a growing edge for your faith and attend to that?
• Will you challenge all church committees and small groups to include a missional component to their work and fellowship?
• Will you include God’s call to be God’s mission in and for the world in ALL your prayers? Especially public prayers?
• Other ideas?

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