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Thoughts to Ponder …

from October 19, 2007
Thoughts to Ponder…

A pastor recently sent me this website for a 3-minute daily devotion you can do even in a short pause at work.


What I both like and am frustrated by with it, is that it doesn’t give you the “continue” button right away after you’ve read what’s on the screen! You have to wait!!! Even if it is just for a few seconds. But what a gift those few seconds are.

Have you found helpful Internet devotion sites or other ideas to help busy people pause and breathe during the day? Please send them to me and I will pass them on to you all. In working with a couple churches that are focusing on nurturing passionate spirituality in their congregations, this is one of the biggest challenges they’ve identified – how to help people who have no time nourish their souls.

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