Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

from October 19, 2007
BOOK NOTES: The Ministry Marathon, by Tim Wright and Lori Woods

Do you view ministry as a sprint or a marathon? In the book The Ministry Marathon, Tim Wright and Lori Woods explore the notion of ministering over the long haul. They suggest that marathons are won and lost on the basis of the kind of care and rest we offer our bodies. Likewise, they believe that the care and rest a pastor gives his or her body is critical to a pastor’s ability to minister. They contend that the overall wellness of a pastor is vital to his or her ministry
They use the word “marathon” as an acronym: “Massage your mind, Adjust your attitude, Replenish your resources, Affirm your affections, Track Your Time, Hone your heart, Own up to others, Nurture your nature.”
This book is an easy read with several wisdom nuggets. It serves as a good reminder of the importance of clergy self care. As a person who tends to sprint through life, the book challenged me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to Rev. Candace Adams, pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church in Spicer, Minnesota, for this recommendation.

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