Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

from October 4, 2007
BOOK NOTES: Practicing Our Faith: A way of life for a searching people, by Dorothy C. Bass, editor

This is already a classic, and chances are, many of you are already familiar with this book. Yet I lift it up to you anyway. If you are like me, it sometimes helps to go back to resources that are familiar. Often, by going back to them, they remind me of what I already knew, but fail to practice!

This book has chapters on everything from honoring the body, to rediscovering the practice of Sabbath, to forgiveness, to healing, to the all important – “Saying Yes and Saying No.” In short, it is about integrating spirituality into every aspect of our life.

I lift this up, yet if you are like me, the thought of finding a way to integrate one more thing – even good, spiritual practices, into my life, can seem like one thing too many in an already hectic, busy life. The good news – you can take this book one chapter at a time, even one chapter a month, if that’s what works for you! You can take your time with it. The important thing is, do you want a deeper spiritual life? Do you want to be able to draw more deeply on God’s resources as you seek to be effective leaders in the church? Then it does take some discipline from us, it does not happen without our investment. But as I said – you can do one chapter a month! Or whatever works for you. The most important thing is – to start!

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