Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

A New Start

Welcome!  I’ve had a few different blog sites over the years – two main ones:

  1.  Transforming Followers – which I started when I served as an Executive Presbyter, working with 65 churches in central and southwestern Minnesota.
  2. A Deeper Spiritual Life – which I started when I began my work as a Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Director.

Rather than keep multiple blogs floating out in cyberspace, I’ve combined them in this site:  Sue’s Musings.  If you scroll below, you’ll find all of the Transforming Followers blogs imported under January, 2017.  Previous posts from A Deeper Spiritual Life are archived by date entered.

Seven months ago I was installed as the 20th pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I look forward to reviving my blogging and sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, my favorite books, and who knows what else.  Probably even a sermon or two, once I get around to uploading them.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I welcome the conversation!

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