Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

Thoughts to Ponder…

from June 18, 2007
Thoughts to Ponder…

My abbreviation of a process for personal or group theological reflection from pages 88-89 of The Art of Theological Reflection:

1. Tell the story (without judgement) of a life situation

2. Attend to your own physical sensations as you tell it.

3. Focus on one or two of those feelings – what images do they evoke?

4. Sit with one of those images and explore it – what new perspectives does it open up?

5. Sit with the image again – where does it take you in the Christian tradition?

6. Pick on of those pieces of tradition and explore it. What new perspectives does it open up?

7. Begin a conversation between the meanings in the image and the tradition – what is similar? What is different? Is there a theme? Is there tension that is enlightening?

8. What emerges for you in this conversation? Does it shed light on your original situation? Does it call you to some concrete action?

9. How will you take the learnings of this reflection into your daily living? Be concrete!

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