Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

from May 21, 2007

“Please” and “thank you” are two important phrases that parents teach their children to say. At a stewardship-training seminar, I was reminded of the importance of these phrases being spoken in the church. The instructor suggested that on a weekly basis we say thank you to the members for their financial contributions. Moreover, he recommended that the thank you state how the funds impact the church’s ministry.
The past two months I have been saying thank you during each worship service. The thank you is extended either at the time of a minute for mission or prior to the receiving of the offering. I try to connect the thank you with a particular aspect of the life of the congregation.

What follow are a few examples:

Music Appreciation Sunday: “Thank you for giving so generously to the ministry of the church because you give we are blessed to have such a fine organist, pianist and choir director. She leads us in bringing glory to God through music. Without your gifts we would not be able to have such wonderful music ministry. Thank you.”
Children & Youth: “I want to thank you for investing in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Because you give of yourself the lives of many young people are being touched. I know how much you love seeing the children and youth active in our fellowship. It is your gifts that make it possible for us to offer programming that is tailored to their needs. Thank you.”

Earth Day: “There are many ways that God has called us to care for our environment. I want to thank every one who has brought their aluminum cans to the church. Our first trailer load was delivered to the recycling center yesterday. We received $96.20 and we helped keep our community clean. Thank you for caring and sharing with God’s people.”

We all appreciate being thanked and knowing that our giving makes a difference. So remember to say “thank you” to your members on a regular basis!

Candice Adams,
Pastor, Hope Presbyterian Church,
Spicer, MN

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