Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Life

from May 28, 2007
Book Notes: Hungryhearts, Journal of Reformed Spirituality, PC(USA)

Something different – a journal – Hungryhearts, published by the Office of Christian Formation, PC(USA). A couple reasons for lifting this up this week. First, if we are serious about leading our congregations into the future, and are prepared to be transformed – ourselves and the church – in the process, then we need to nourish our own spiritual base. If we try to accomplish this by our own efforts, ingenuity, and imagination, then we are doomed to fail. Hungryhearts is something I find both thought-provoking and nourishing. Each quarter it takes a theme and explores it in terms of faith development and formation. The current issue focuses on the Trinity, specifically Trinitarian spirituality. With Trinity Sunday this coming Sunday, it seems only appropriate to spend some time thinking about our understanding of the trinity and how it is reflected in our faith, and how it challenges us to go deeper in faith. Here are some of the articles in this issue:

Trinity Through the Lens of Relationship
The Intersection of Mystery and Mundane
Integrating Trinitarian and Liturgical Spirituality
Teaching the Doctrine of the Trinity to Children
An Open dialogue About What it Means to Worship the Triune God

It is something of substance, and yet also something we can spend time with, even with a busy schedule.

Don’t neglect to take some quiet time to spend with God, to pray, to reflect, to meditate, to listen. Whatever we do, if God is not guiding it, we’re bound to get lost!

You can download this issue of Hungryhearts by clicking on the title above.

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