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Getting Lost

This is Part 2 of my  reflections on getting lost.
Click here for Part 1 – Finding our Way and Part 3 – Insights into Trust

OK – you read the story of my getting lost in the badlands in the last post, so I won’t repeat that here. There were, though, some more lessons learned that I think have some relation to growing and living a fuller and more meaningful life.  For now I’ll just list five of them and see where that takes us.

1.   Take your time – When we first realized we were lost, we took our time. We kept going back to the last place where we knew we were on the right track, and kept trying new directions from there. When you know you’re on the wrong track, don’t be afraid to go backwards for a bit. Sometimes it’s in going backwards that we discover the right path. That’s what happened to us! By continually going back to our lunch spot, we finally saw the path we had missed.

2.   Be prepared – When we realized there was a chance we might be overnight in the wilderness, we realized we did not bring along some key survival gear. Travel light, for you are traveling, but also take along the things that will help you weather storms or unexpected detours. Take along things that will help you stay warm, and find your way.

3.  Rely on each other – You are not out there alone. Draw on the strength of those around you and be a source of strength to them when things get tough. Challenges are much easier to face together.

4.   Persevere – When you aren’t sure where you’re going or how to get there, keep trying – if the first way doesn’t work, try something else. Don’t give up. If we give up, there may not be anyone around who will rescue us.

5.   Don’t be afraid to explore and take off in new directions – There is a whole world out there of wonderful surprises that most of us have never experienced!  That is true both for the wilderness and for each one of us.  Don’t let the risks stop you from growing.  In fact, it is often by taking risks that we discover our strengths and passion!

Sue Coller

~Rooted in God
~Open to Grace
~Filled with Joy
~Embracing the Heart of the Healer

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