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Insights into Trust

This is Part 3 of my  reflections on getting lost.
Click here for Part 1 – Finding our Way and Part 2 – Getting Lost

Probably the most significant conversation that has come out of this experience of getting lost in the badlands has to do with the subject of trust. There was a moment when one of us surrendered to the leadership of the other in our quest to find the path out. My friend willingly put herself in second place, trusting me to find the right path that would lead us safely out. Later we talked about what had to be in place in order for one to surrender to another’s leadership in a risky situation, and she shared four specific things about trust that I want to share here.

These are the four things we learned about trust in this situation. Read on to find out what the four things are

Getting Lost

This is Part 2 of my  reflections on getting lost.
Click here for Part 1 – Finding our Way and Part 3 – Insights into Trust

OK – you read the story of my getting lost in the badlands in the last post, so I won’t repeat that here. There were, though, some more lessons learned that I think have some relation to growing and living a fuller and more meaningful life.  For now I’ll just list five of them and see where that takes us.

1.   Take your time – When we first realized we were lost, we took our time. We kept going back to the last place where we knew we were on the right track, and kept trying new directions from there. When you know you’re on the wrong track, don’t be afraid (more…)

Finding Our Way

This is Part 1 of my  reflections on getting lost.
Click here for Part 2 – Getting Lost and Part 3 – Insights into Trust

First a story, then a reflection …

Let me begin by saying that God did an awesome job in the North Dakota Badlands! Beautiful country, so beautiful you could get lost in it. Which I did. To make a long story short, a friend and I went off trail down a hoof track, had an awesome hike, stopped for lunch, and then couldn’t find our way back. What was such a clear path going in was not at all clear when we turned around to to go out.  We found several hoof paths we never noticed going in, tried out many, but none seemed right. We kept having to go back Keep reading